Yoshi’s Story                                          Pokemon Stadium
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination
Dream Land


 - Items are set to off
 - Stock and time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes, respectively
 - Wobbling is legal. Wobbling past 250% will be considered stalling and is not allowed.
 - Double Blind: If elected
 - Contest Port Priority: If elected
 - Neutral Start: If elected
 - DSR: You cannot counter pick to any stage you have won on ever.
 - Gentleman’s Clause: Any stage may be played on if both players agree to it.
   This rule takes priority over DSR. Players may NOT agree to change the number of matches to be played.
 - Forced Character Selection: Off
 - Matches that time out will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current
   stock. In the event of a percentage tie, the match should be replayed in full. Sudden Death is not to be
   played, and will not count. A player/team may not counterpick to the stage they last won on. This includes
   the first match won via stage striking.
 - Pausing the game shall only be legal while either player remains upon their OWN respawn platform,
   and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament official or in the case of a controller malfunction.
   All other pauses will incur a stock loss to the player who pauses the game.
 - Any coaching that happens during the match (but not in between matches) is restricted. Players who
   violate this rule will receive a warning (BOTH the player AND the person coaching the player) on the
   first attempt. Players who violate this rule after a warning will be disqualified from the event and a
   possible ejection from the venue.
 - Players are to attend their matches at the designated times they are called. If you are late to a match,
   the following rules will be applied based on the amount of time:
               - If you are 5 minutes late: Results in a match loss
               - If you are 10 minutes late: Results in a set loss
 - These times will be strictly enforced to make sure that each player will enjoy the full event on a timely manner.
 - All matches will be best of 3, sans semi-finals and finals, which will be best of 5.



For the 1st match, stage strike the starter list in 1-2-1 fashion. After each match, the winner of the previous match bans 3 stages (Players may counterpick a stage that they previously banned in the set, but may not counterpick a stage on which they won). The player who lost the previous match chooses a stage, then the player who won chooses their character, then the player who lost chooses their character.

STARTERS:                                                            COUNTERPICKS:

Battlefield                                                              Final Destination                                             
Smashville                                                                                        Fountain of Dreams
Pokemon Stadium 2                                                   Norfair
Dreamland (64)                                                       Skyworld                                     
Yoshi’s Story (Melee)                                               WarioWare Inc.

                                                                              Yoshi Island


  •  4 stock, 8 minutes.
  •  Sets are best of 3. Finals are best of 5.
  •  Items set to “off” and “none.”
  •  Either player may call for a Double Blind character selection for the first match.
  •  A player may not counterpick any stage he won on in a set.
  •  Controller port is determined by Rock Paper Scissors if it can’t be agreed upon. For doubles, the controller ports must be 1-2-2-1.
  •  For doubles, Team Attack is on and life stealing is allowed. Remember that Attack+Special, not the Pause button, is used to steal lives.
  •  Pausing during a match, unless okayed by the other player, will result in the loss of one stock for the pauser.
  •  Quitting out of a match before it is over will result in a loss for the quitter.
  •  If time runs out, the person with the most stock left (or least % if they are equal) wins. If the % is equal as well, play a 1 stock 3 minute match, same characters and stage.
  •  If the match goes to sudden death due to a suicide move (Ganon’s side-B, Kirby/DDD’s swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the one who initiated the move wins.
  •  Buffer set to off.
  •  Custom controls are allowed, but controllers modified to enhance performance are not. No turbo buttons, etc.
  •    However, removing the springs from shoulder buttons or replacing a thumbstick with a different thumbstick are ok.
  •  Custom music is allowed as long as it’s not too distracting, but any textures or vertex hacks outside of the
  •    official team color textures are not.
  •  If you want to use your own SD card, a TO must overwrite the important game files (not music) in order to make sure there are no modifications. If you are caught cheating with modified game files, you will be immediately DQed without refund and banned from future events.
  •  In the event that the game crashes or the TV/Wii loses power in the middle of a match, that match will be restarted from the beginning with the same characters and stage. If a player uses a known glitch to intentionally crash the game or otherwise make it unfinishable, that player may be forced to forfeit the match or be DQed at the TO’s discretion.
  •  No excessive stalling (this includes abusing Jiggs’ Rising Pound and Mario’s Up-B Walljump)
  •  Both players may agree to any rule or stage outside the tournament ruleset.
  •  Giga Bowser is banned.





  • Game version: US Nintendo WiiU
  • Game Settings: 2 Stock, 6 Minute Time Limit, Items Off, Equipment Off, 2/3 Games
  • Amiibo’s are banned.
  • Order of events: Pick characters, then stage striking, then custom move selection.
  • Custom moves are ( Not) allowed. See THIS document for allowed sets at the tournament.
  • Available Stages:: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, Town & City, Castle Siege, Delfino Plaza, Duck Hunt, Halberd
  • All Omega stages are banned.
  • First stage is decided by banning from the Starter Stages in P1(1)-P2(2)-P1(2)-P2(2)-P1(1) order.
  • Winning player is not locked into the same character for the next match, but has to pick before loser selects character.
  • You may not choose a stage you have already won on unless mutually agreed to.
  • You may not play on a stage that is not on the available stages list. This will result in a double disqualification.
  • Maximum allowed time between games is 60 seconds. Any player violating this rule will be issued a loss.
  • There will be no loading anything on to the consoles from a Nintendo portable gaming system.
  • Allowed controllers: WiiU Pro Controller & GameCube Controller.